Thank you for your interest in the Wedding Registry at Joseph Gann Jewelers. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you with your wedding.

Joseph Gann Jewelers offers a wedding registry service with a wide range of products for the home including dinnerware, flatware, and fine crystal. We make choosing, giving, and receiving the perfect wedding gifts easy and enjoyable. Our experienced staff is available to help you assemble the perfect collection of gifts for your special occasion.

Contact us here to register. If you are already registered, click here to log in to your account. Your registry will remain live after your wedding for wonderful anniversary presents that you will cherish. Plus, you will receive special incentives on any remaining pieces.

If you are already registered, look for your Registry below:

Registry for Sydney Stump and Matt Philibin
(7/1/2022, #582)

Registry for Jennifer Roma and Andrew Carlin
(9/12/2015, #571)

Registry for Hannah Durschlag and Richard Denton
(11/7/2015, #570)

Registry for Meredith Greeno and Joe Nash
(8/30/2014, #568)

Registry for Hannah Ayer and Matt Drukker
(6/28/2014, #567)

Registry for Marybeth Hogan and Tim Carter
(6/20/2014, #566)

Registry for Catherine Birdwell and Nicholas Edwards
(11/16/2013, #565)

Registry for Krissy Canavan and Stephen Greene
(8/17/2013, #564)

Registry for Lauren Ullman and Samuel Madoff
(6/22/2013, #562)

Registry for Betsy Cozort and Sean Devlin
(8/24/2013, #561)

Registry for Matt Guernsey and Dana Haffner
(5/11/2013, #560)

Registry for Anne Adamczyk and Brian Smigielski
(8/31/2013, #559)

Registry for Kate Larabee and Sam Tuttle
(5/25/2013, #558)

Registry for Kate Johnson and Tim Snyder
(6/8/2013, #557)

Registry for Erin Cusack and William t. Oneill
(7/27/2013, #556)

Registry for Miggy Mason and Richard Min
(6/2/2012, #550)

Registry for Lindsey Austin and Brian Davis
(6/2/2012, #549)

Registry for Ashley Holden and Timothy Wilson
(8/11/2012, #547)

Registry for Amy Ashur and Joshua Kline
(8/18/2012, #546)

Registry for Andrea Suranova and Mark Jaklovsky
(10/15/2011, #541)

Registry for Susan t. Hanson and Christopher w. Morris
(9/16/2011, #537)

Registry for Rachel Galper and David Borden
(8/21/2011, #536)

Registry for Lindsay Ewick and Andrew Kern
(8/13/2011, #535)

Registry for Dana Swartz and Benjamin Roth
(10/14/2012, #534)

Registry for Vanea Norris and Derek Turner
(6/4/2011, #533)

Registry for Susanne Englert and Bryan Coyne
(5/14/2011, #530)

Registry for Hillary French and Barry Fitzgibbon
(9/28/2019, #581)

Registry for Kendra Conlon and Andrew Bruce
(4/28/2018, #580)

Registry for Christine Conroy and Chris Bourne
(6/16/2018, #579)

Registry for Sarah Simunovich and Tim Snyder
(6/17/2017, #578)

Registry for Riva Bergel and Asher Cheses
(9/4/2016, #577)

Registry for Heather Fleishman and Dan Sullivan
(6/18/2016, #576)

Registry for Meridith Braun and Tully Saunders
(8/12/2016, #574)

Registry for Emma Geldmacher and Brian Kender
(5/14/2016, #573)

Registry for Meirav Gebler and Jeff Ong
(3/29/2015, #572)

Registry for Jill Gambardella and Douglas Peterson
(6/26/2004, #409)

Registry for Karen Jou
(1/1/2008, #378)

Registry for Madeline and John